F3 Robot System

F3 Robot System
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific* F3 robot system is designed for light payload applications and provides an articulated robot arm with six degrees of freedom, plus a powerful, multitasking controller. The Therm...read more

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Thermo Fisher Scientific


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Review date: 20 Jun 2011

F3 Robot System

"Reliable automated arm that has been a workhorse for us."



Thermo Scientific* F3 robot system is designed for light payload applications and provides an articulated robot arm with six degrees of freedom, plus a powerful, multitasking controller.
The Thermo Scientific F3 Robot System sets a new standard for "human-scale" robots, delivering a powerful combination of high speed, reliability, ease of use, and value. It dramatically increases walk-away time and reduces human error by automating container handling for a wide variety of instruments and devices. The F3 can carry payloads up to 3kg, enabling it to carry multiple containers at once.

The arm of the Thermo Scientific F3 Robot System communicates with its external controller, sensors and other devices along a dedicated communication network, eliminating the masses of wires required by traditional robots. The F3 arm can store position data for up to eight weeks, even if the robot and controller are disconnected. The Thermo Scientific C500C controller features include a true multitasking operating system, a sophisticated trajectory planner, 16 digital inputs, 12 digital outputs, one analog input, four relay outputs, two serial ports, an emergency stop button, and support for an optional Thermo Scientific Teach Pendant.

Robotic Arm

  • Six degrees of freedom allow you to accurately position the tool flange at any point within the workspace, from any orientation
  • Absolute encoders in each joint allow precise positioning of the robot arm and retain homing information during power shutdown, eliminating the need to home the robot on power-up
  • Arm-mounted amplifiers perform diagnostic functions and reduce susceptibility to electromagnetic interference
  • Dual-acting pneumatic solenoid prevents the optional Thermo Scientific Pneumatic Gripper from dropping an object when power is removed
  • Releasable brakes on joints one, two, and three prevent the joints from moving or falling under the influence of gravity or inertia when power is removed, yet allow the operator to manually move the joints to reposition the arm
  • ISO standard tool flange allows a wide range of end of arm tools to be used
  • Safety beacon alerts operators when the robot arm is powered and is capable of moving
  • Uses brushless motors built directly into the robotic arm to improve heat flow characteristics and to decrease the overall size of the arm

C500C Controller

  • Thermo Scientific CROS multitasking operating system provides powerful, flexible control for total work cell automation
  • Easy to learn, yet sophisticated Thermo Scientific RAPL-3 programming language speeds development of controller-based applications
  • 16 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs enable the controller to monitor or control external hardware
  • Two serial ports enable the controller to communicate with other devices in the workcell, such as vision systems


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