EZ-Zyme™ Chromatin Prep Kit by MilliporeSigma

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EZ-Zyme™ Chromatin Prep Kit
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The EZ-Zyme™ Chromatin Prep kit allows ChIP analysis at nucleosome resolution by performing complete or partial digestions with a proprietary enzymatic cocktail to obtain chromatin fragments of on average one to a few nucleosomes in length. Compared to sonication, this procedure not only allows mapping the protein-DNA association at a higher resolution, but also renders the subsequent immunoprecipitation more efficient due to its mild digestion condition. In addition, enzymatic shearing is compatible with non-crosslinked ChIP (native ChIP), which allows analysis of histone modifications not only on cultured cells, but also on freshly dissected and frozen tissues.
The EZ-Zyme™ kit contains reagents optimized for generating enzymatically processed chromatin from mammalian cells for use in chromatin immunoprecipitation. While the kit contains a full complement of buffers required for chromatin shearing, careful attention must be paid to the details of the instructions. Follow all the instructions carefully, especially with regard to incubation times and temperatures.

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EZ-Zyme™ Chromatin Prep Kit by MilliporeSigma product image