EZ-Pierce 96-Well Template Sealing Film by J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc

EZ-Pierce 96-Well Template Sealing Film by J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc product image
EZ-Pierce 96-Well Template Sealing Film
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J.G. Finneran's EZ-Pierce 96-Well Template Sealing Film

J.G. Finneran offers sealing films designed for microplates where well to well contamination and cross over is of critical concern.  Our easy piercing film allows for direct sample recovery with a mulit-channel pipettor or robotic probes.  No longer is there a need to peel back the film in order to access the wells and risk aerosols and possible contamination and cross-over.  The 96-Well Template Sealing Film is ideal for easy well-to-well identification and pipet tip alignment.

Features of EZ-Pierce 96-Well Template Sealing Film:

  •  Printed 96-well template flags each well with clearly marked alpha-numerics for easy well-to-well identification.

  •  Available in 2.75mL thick polyethylene with acrylic adhesive.

  •  Film and adhesive offers excellent chemical resistance and is recommended for temperatures from  -40 degrees ºC to +90 degrees ºC.

  •  Two end tabs allow for easier, more accurate positioning of the film to the plate.

  •  End-tab backing can be removed and the film applied around and over both edges of the plate for a more secure seal.

  •  Pierceable with a multi-channel pipettor or robotic probes for direct sample recovery without risk of aerosols and contamination.