ez-gSEAL 100A Patch Pressure Controller

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The ez-gSEAL 100A pressure controller is designed mainly for automated patch clamping, but it can also be used for many other applications. With the ez-gSEAL pressure controller, patch clamping becomes as easy as a click of a button. You may use it with our ezPATCH 100A smart manipulator, PatchMAX 100A automated patch clamp system, ChannelMAX 100A Mini automated dual clamp system or ChannelMAX 100A Twin automated quad clamp system for fully automated patch clamp experiments, or use it as a stand-alone product on a traditional rig. You may also use the controller for puffing drugs or studying stretch channels. The software-controlled pressure controller comes with pumps so air tanks are not required.

The ez-gSEAL pressure controller makes patch clamping easy. Complicated patch clamp experiments become as simple as a few button clicks. You click the first button to set the positive pressure, the second button to set negative pressure for making seals, and the third button to set the holding pressure. By clicking a single button, you apply pulses to break into the cell.

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ez-gSEAL 100A Patch Pressure Controller

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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