Thermo Scientific Extensor Long Range PCR Polymerase Blend-Kits and Master Mixes

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Extensor Long Range Enzyme Blend is an optimized mix of ThermoPrime* DNA Polymerase and a proprietary thermostable proofreading enzyme. The two enzymes act synergistically to generate long PCR products, up to 20kb. This makes the enzyme blend ideal for robust full-length amplification of long range sequences.

■ Amplifies targets up to 20kb in length
■ Unique enzyme blend and optimized buffer combination delivers increased accuracy and yield
■ PCR products generated can be used directly in T/A cloning
■ Optimized buffering systems for success with a variety of templates
■ Buffer 1 for success with most templates up to 12kb in length
■ Buffer 2 for templates 12-20kb and GC-rich or other difficult templates of any length

Extensor is available in a range of formats and pack sizes to suit any workflow.

Format Options:
■ Enzyme Kits are the most basic format. Kits include the enzyme, PCR buffers 1 and 2, and 25mM MgCl2 solution, each in separate vials. dNTPs must be purchased separately
■ Complete PCR Kits include all the components contained in the Enzyme Kit, plus they have HPLC-purified dNTP mix. Complete PCR kits are a convenient option that provides all the components necessary for PCR
■ Master Mix formats consist of a single master buffer containing all the components needed for PCR. Master Mixes are the most convenient format and significantly reduce assay set-up steps
■ ReddyMix Master Mix formats consist of a single ReddyMix master buffer containing all the components needed for PCR. ReddyMix master mix can be directly loaded onto agarose gels post-PCR
■ PCR Buffers: All kits are supplied with both Buffer 1 and Buffer 2 to accommodate a variety of template types. Master mixes come in either Buffer 1 or Buffer 2 formulation

Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Recommended for: Amplifying fragments up to 20kb; PCR; Cloning; Long PCR