eXtended Performance [XP] 2.5 µm Columns

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eXtended Performance [XP] 2.5 µm Columns are high efficiency, low backpressure HPLC columns that can be easily utilized across all HPLC, UHPLC and UPLC Technology platforms.

Low Backpressure. High Throughput. Improved Productivity.
• 40% lower backpressure than sub-2-µm UPLC columns
• Increase flow rate to increase throughput
• Equivalent backpressure and superior performance to core-shell columns
• Improve HPLC productivity 2 - 4x compared to 3.5 - 5 µm particle HPLC columns

Unmatched Selectivity Choice.
• 14 chemistries that include C18, Phenyl-Hexyl, C8, embedded polar, HILIC, Amide, Cyano and PFP columns
• 3 distinct particles including silica, hybrid and charged surface hybrid
• Directly scalable to 1.7/1.8 µm UPLC columns and larger 3.5/5 µm HPLC columns
• 200+ configurations resulting in more than 400 part numbers

Rapid Method Optimization within Current Pharmacopeia Guidelines.
• Transfer methods TODAY within current pharmacopeia guidelines
• Utilize on an ACQUITY UPLC System to future-proof your method