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  • Organization: Bayer Crop Science

  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    4 out of 5
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Rating: 3.3
"Good and reliable microwave, easy to use software, upgrade with autosa or 80mL flash. Rather expensive"

Review date: 12 Dec 2005 | Explorer®
Explore new chemistries, optimize leads, and generate focused libraries faster, easier, and more effectively than ever.

Automation can be simple, effective, and flexible. Optimize your reactions and expand the capabilities of your laboratory all without expanding your laboratory space! Built on the Discover® platform, the ExplorerPLS® System features the smallest footprint and fastest return on investment of any automated system on the market. Run multiple reactions unattended, optimize chemistries more efficiently, and spend more time designing syntheses than you do monitoring them.

  • Ideal solution to support small groups of chemists as a shared resource
  • Industry's only STAT feature, allowing you to interrupt automated routines in progress to process priority samples and automatically resume the previously programmed routine at the point of the interruption
  • Patented IntelliVent™ Pressure System
    24-place reaction deck with 4 independent autosampler racks (additional racks are available & may be queued for increased capacity)
  • Operating software provides easy-to-use "wizards" to facilitate programming
  • Compact design fits in a standard fume hood
  • Wireless or network connection
  • Industry-leading modular accessories include real-time spectroscopic analysis, scale up and low-temperature capabilities