Explorer SpeedVac Concentrator by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Explorer SpeedVac Concentrator
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The Explorer SpeedVac System is a computer controlled, bench-top centrifugal concentrator perfect for drug discovery applications. It is designed to provide repeatable, accurate results and monitor sample temperature to protect samples from over heating. The six-position rotor and comprehensive range of sample carriers gives you flexibility in your sample format.

Product Detail

The Explorer SpeedVac System is a fully modular system. The three major components can be stacked together to form an integrated unit or separated to maximize valuable benchspace. This top-of-the-line SpeedVac has sample temperature monitoring to give you complete control of your sample. Automatic control of the complete process can be engaged with the use of the AutoDry mode.


  • Comes standard with sample temperature monitoring. Additional optional probes allow monitoring of up to four independent samples.
  • Modular components allows for either an ergonomic single integrated design or a two piece up/down configuration to save on bench-space.
  • AutoDry mode utilizes the sample temperature monitoring to automatically stop the run when dry.
  • Additional modes include a time-plus(+) mode which utilizes the temperature monitoring to prevent the samples from overheating.
  • Dual-design cold trap allows for solvent collection directly into the stainless steel container or, with the use of a glass flask, collection directly into the flask for rapid solvent removal. 
  • Chemically resistant, oil-free vacuum source ensures durability, reliability and eliminates the need for costly consumables (pump oil, filters, etc.).

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