EXP® Nano Trap by Optimize Technologies, Inc.

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EXP® Nano Trap
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The EXP® Nano Trap System is designed to remove detergents or salts which can affect the ionization process in MS work rated for routine use up to 20,000 psi.

The new nano-scale traps are available in two formats – EXP® Nano Trap and EXP® Nano Trap HR. Both formats are available in 10 or 20 mm lengths and in a variety of bed volumes ranging from 0.25µL - 4.0µL. The EXP® Nano Trap follows a traditional trap column format, designed for removing detergents or salts in an offline sample loop. The new EXP® Nano Trap HR is designed as a vented trap, with an even further reduction in extra column volume, resulting in impeccable and repeatable high-resolution Nano-LC. Concentrating the sample on-line with the EXP® Nano Trap HR promotes increased recovery of the sample when compared with off-line techniques.

The brand new EXP® Nano Trap Holder incorporates Free-Turn® architecture, allowing the user to quickly exchange trap columns by hand without breaking any fluid connections. The universal holder is compatible with both column types and lengths. Nano Holder Kits include auto-adjusting EXP® Nano Fittings, 6-40 thread, to ensure repeated zero-dead-volume connections.

Key Features:
  • Rated to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Cartridge-Based Format
  • Kits contain: 1 holder & 2 traps
  • Replacement traps come in 3 packs
  • Reduced Column Volume for superior performance
  • Free-Turn® Architecture for quick & convenient exchanges
  • Available in bed volumes from 0.25µL to 4µL
  • Repeated ZDV Connections
  • Hand-tight, no tools!