Exoscan Hand-Held FTIR Spectrometer by A2 Technologies, LLC

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Exoscan Hand-Held FTIR Spectrometer by A2 Technologies, LLC product image
Exoscan Hand-Held FTIR Spectrometer
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A2 Technologies, LLC

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Performance of the A2 Technologies Exoscan:

• Exoscan provides the stability, sensitivity and overall performance to accomplish even difficult applications.
A2 Technologies years of experience in designing portable FTIR spectrometers enabled the development
of the miniaturized, yet rugged and high throughput Exoscan interferometer and optical system. 

• Exoscan is a true mid-infrared spectrometer with a frequency range of 4000-650 cm-1 and a maximum resolution of 4 cm-1, enabling Exoscan to excel at virtually any applications that use solid, semi-solid or liquid samples. By minimizing the beam path while keeping a large beam aperture, Exoscan is very compact, yet has superior signal-to-noise. 

• In addition, the sampling interfaces that are custom designed for the Exoscan are also designed to ensure the highest performance in the smallest package. Many of the applications below, which were originally developed on traditional lab FTIR spectrometers, are readily transferred to the Exoscan system. Exoscan’s superior performance capabilities enable both methods developers and end-use operators to successfully use the system for their individual requirements.