EXi Blue™ CCD Camera

Manufacturer QImaging

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The EXi Blue CCD camera from QImaging was designed specifically to support life science professionals who study processes within live cells—delivering fast acquisition speed, extreme sensitivity, and exceptional temporal resolution. The camera enables short exposure times, gentle illumination and fast frame rates to allow researchers to capture image data with a high degree of precision and confidence.

The camera’s high dynamic range allows researchers to resolve extremely bright and dim signals within a single image. The EXi Blue camera is versatile and excels in a broad range of life science applications, including high-speed kinetic studies and precision imaging for all microscopy modes. Its advanced electronics and firmware produce extremely low dark current (effectively equivalent to -22º C cooling), resulting in excellent images during long exposure times. And when used with the optional RGB filter module, users can switch between monochrome, color, and near infrared imaging quickly and easily.