EVOQ LC/MS/MS System by Bruker CAM

Manufacturer Bruker CAM

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The Bruker EVOQ LC/MS/MS series demonstrates major advances in robustness, ease of methods development and productivity.

Just introduced for the food testing market, EVOQ offers sustained high sensitivity, increased capacity through greater robustness, and the fastest ‘Sample-to-Report’ time for better information, faster. The EVOQ Qube and Elite Systems combine enhanced selectivity and superior sensitivity for the lowest achievable detection limits when analyzing complex sample matrices.

In the food safety arena, sensitivity is certainly a key element used to measure performance of any quantitative system. Clearly, the advantages of LC/MS/MS technology, including the application of MRM acquisition, has vastly improved detection and quantitation capabilities for food scientists.

Also, EVOQ‘s innovation is not just in hardware, but as importantly, in software as well. The EVOQ was designed and is targeted towards laboratories focused on “the business of quantitation”. For these labs, speed from sample-to-data, with sustained sample throughput and solid data quality, are their driving forces to success.