Evolve™ 512 Delta EMCCD Camera

Manufacturer Photometrics  |  Available Worldwide
Now with LightSpeed™ Mode for Up to 3,000 Frames Per Second.

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Optimized for Super Resolution applications, this high-speed EMCCD has the capability to significantly reduce the time to collect confocal datasets by enabling researchers to acquire twice as much data in the same amount of time.

The Delta provides superior quantitative and detection performance, with accurate and precise triggering capability. It is supported by a wide range of software, and is backed by a full two-year warranty.

Evolve™ 512 Delta EMCCD Camera Features:

  • 20MHz 512x512
  • EMCCD 67.5 Frames per Second
  • 75e- Read Noise, <1e- Using EM Gain
  • 16-bit Digitization
  • 180K e- Full Well
  • >90% Quantum Efficiency