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High performance, total flexibility

EVO LS is the ideal SEM for the Life Science community, an arena that throws up difficult imaging challenges on a regular basis. EVO LS is a true Environmental SEM with every model in the family allowing samples and specimens to be examined in their natural state under a range of conditions including very high water vapor pressure up to 3000 Pa. Wet samples can be imaged with ease, dehydration artifacts eliminated, and hydration and rehydration processes studied through water condensation with the optional Coolstage.

With every specimen and all atmospheres, outstanding data-rich images are captured due to the optimized optical geometry, true secondary electron detection afforded by an unparalleled range of detectors and class-leading X-ray analysis.

Models available
• EVO LS 10
This is the choice for many users in the Life Science community. It has a large motorized 5 axis stage, variable pressure capability as standard and versatile accessory options
• EVO LS 15
Useful for life science and material analysis users working with a broader range of sample weights and dimensions, it contains two accessory ports and capabilities to add a cryo stage
• EVO LS 25
For user who often handle the largest and heaviest of hydrated specimens and as such offers a taller chamber able to handle specimens more than 200mm tall