Ethidium Bromide (Dropper Bottle) by NBS Biologicals Ltd.

Ethidium Bromide (Dropper Bottle) by NBS Biologicals Ltd. product image
Ethidium Bromide (Dropper Bottle)
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The new dropper format allows researchers to minimize exposure to Ethidium Bromide and offers a convenient, consistent method for all of your nucleic acid staining applications. The solutions are prepared from high purity grade Ethidium Bromide at a concentration of 0.636 mg/ml in ultra pure water. Each drop contains 25 µg of Ethidium Bromide and is perfectly suited for a 50 ml agarose gel. Simply add one drop of the Ethidium Bromide solution per 50 ml gel solution (before gelation) and cast your gel as usual. The final concentration of Ethidium Bromide will be 0.5 µg/ml, the recommended concentration for electrophoresis of nucleic acids. For larger gels, simply add an additional drop for each additional 50 ml gel solution. For those who wish to run their gels with Ethidium Bromide in the running buffer, or stain their gels following electrophoresis, the same dilutions apply. One drop per 50 ml solution.