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esquire4000 ion trap

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The new robust and sensitive Bruker Daltonics esquire4000™ ion trap system provides standard and high-performance MS and MS(n) for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry applications in drug discovery, drug development, academic research and general LC/MS/MS.  Bundled with application-specific software packages, this LC-ESI/MS(n) system is a highly productive tool for demanding applications like fast screening of natural products, structural elucidation, quality control, mass-directed auto-purification, LC/NMR/MS/MS, etc.  The esquire4000 features an m/z range up to 4,000.  It is at least twice as sensitive as the esquire2000 which it replaces.  Highlights include:

Most reliable benchtop instrument                                                                Easy to use MS/MS detector                                                                             Superflexible with MS(n) and extended 4,000 m/z mass range                 SmartFrag™ features powerful LibrarySearch

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