Eppendorf Tube® 5mL by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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Eppendorf Tube® 5mL

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Eppendorf Tubes are the benchmark for simple and safe sample preparation from 0.5 to 2.0 mL. Now Eppendorf introduces a 5mL tube. 

When working with medium-sized samples, researchers often have no choice but to use tubes designed for larger volumes. With medium sample volumes you may face an issue: they need to be processed with large conical screw cap tubes - impractical, inconvenient and often prone to contamination.

Eppendorf now offers the "missing link": the Eppendorf Tube 5.0 mL. This product fills the gap between existing tube versions and enables the simple and safe processing of sample volumes up to 5.0 mL!

Eppendorf Tube® 5.0 mL Features:

  • Same diameter and bottom shape as a 15 mL conical tube—allows for use in existing adapters and racks
  • Made from a unique highly transparent polypropylene for easy visibility of pellets
  • Precise lid sealing for minimized sample evaporation during storage and incubation
  • Hinged lid prevents accidental lid opening from -86°C to 80°C. For higher temperatures, use the Tube Clip to eliminate the risk of lid opening.
    g-Safe™: Exceptional centrifugation stability of up to 25,000 x g prevents tube breakage
  • Manufactured without the use of slip agents, plasticizers and biocides—substances that have been shown to leach from plastic consumables into the sample and negatively affect bio-assay results
  • Large frosted lid and surface on the side for easy labeling
  • Graduations provide an easy volume reference
  • Autoclavable when open (121°C, 20 min)
  • Available in batch-certified Eppendorf® PCR clean, Sterile and Biopur® quality for guaranteed purity

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Eppendorf Tube® 5mL by Eppendorf product image

Eppendorf Tube® 5mL

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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