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BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels
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  • Application Area: Manufacturing of therapeutic protein

"Very useful single-use system. easy to use and cost-effective. Superior technology as always by Eppendorf"

Review date: 05 Dec 2017 | Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-use Vessels
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  • Application Area:cell culture seed train

"very convenient and cell growth friendly. Although little pricey but worth the cost."

Review date: 20 Dec 2016 | Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-use Vessels

Eppendorf BioBLU Single-use Vessels combine all the advantages of single-use technology with the trusted performance and scalability of a stirred-tank design.

Single-use vessels eliminate autoclaving, improve turn-around time, simplify validation, and reduce overall costs. The BioBLU portfolio has grown to accommodate users from early research and development through manufacturing, across a wide variety of processes, including shear sensitive cell cultures, robust microbial applications, and adherent cell line development.

The BioBLU 0.3f and BioBLU 1f Single-use Vessels allow microbial process development at the highest level. These rigid wall stirred-tank single-use vessels have been specifically designed for high cell density fermentation with bacteria, fungi and yeast. BioBLU f vessels can be used with the Eppendorf DASbox® and DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems.

Compared to cell culture applications, fermentation processes require much higher kLa values for proper mass transfer as well as suitable heating and cooling options. Proven stirred-tank design, powerful overhead drives featuring Rushton-type impellers and innovative baffles for cooling make the BioBLU f vessels achieve these demands.


Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-use Vessels Features:

  • Market leading portfolio of single-use, stirred-tank, rigid-walled vessels available in sizes ranging from 65 mL to 40 L working volumes.
  • All BioBLU c vessel sizes available with pitched blade impellers for cell culture applications.
  • BioBLU 5p vessels with packed-bed impeller, pre-loaded with Fibra-Cel® disks.
  • BioBLU 0.3f and 1f vessels with Rushton-type impellers for microbial applications.
  • Unique non-invasive pH and DO sensor technology drastically reduces contamination risks (industry standard autoclavable pH sensors available for pH measurement).
  • Sealed magnetic drive with fully enclosed bearings maintain vessel sterility.
  • Raw materials used to produce BioBLU vessels comply with USP Class VI standards and are BSE/TSE free.
  • Vessels are assembled with sparger, overlay, and exhaust filters as well as penetrations for pH, DO, temperature, liquid additions, sampling and harvest.
  • For use with DASbox Mini Bioreactor System, DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems and New Brunswick CelliGen BLU controllers.
  • Adaptor kits for legacy and 3rd party bioreactor controllers available (BioBLU 1, 5 and 14, and 50).
  • Validation packages available upon request.


  • Insect, mammalian and human suspension cell lines, and stem cells Adherent cells Bacteria, yeasts and fungi.
  • Adherent cells.
  • Bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

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Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-use Vessels by Eppendorf product image

Eppendorf BioBLU® Single-use Vessels

Manufacturer Eppendorf  |  Available Worldwide

4.9 / 5.0 | 2 reviews