epMotion P5073 System by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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epMotion P5073 System
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The epMotion P5073 is 2 systems in one.

First, a customized system for automated PCR preparation of up to 96 samples. The EasyCon control panel and PCR Assistant software provide simple operation by guiding you through various PCR preparations step-by-step.

Secondly, a flexible system for automating time-consuming and complex pipetting procedures with the epBlue software, making many routine liquid handling tasks easier than ever. The pipetting procedure is more precise, reproducible and fully standardized, making your workplace safer and more ergonomic.

The epMotion P5073 is delivered with all accessories for preparing PCR samples. Only consumables need to be ordered separately.

epMotion P5073 Applications:

  • PCR set-up
  • Serial dilution and normalization of samples
  • Sample or reagent transfer
  • Sample mixing and tempering
  • Assay set-up
  • Media change and other cell culture applications

epMotion P5073 Features:

  • 6 ANSI/SBS microplate positions
  • Compact control panel with touchscreen or mouse operation, USB data transfer
  • Software assistants for simple, step-by-step programming of applications
  • Optical sensorPatent US 6,819,437 B2 for detecting liquids, labware, tips
  • Automatic replacement of 2 pipetting tools
  • Volume range of 1 to 1,000 μL for maximum pipetting accuracy
  • Compatible with tubes (0.5 μL to 50 mL) and microplates with up to 384 wells
  • Calibrated 1-channel and 8-channel pipetting tools
  • Optional UV lamp and HEPA filter system for internal product protection
  • Fully enclosed, compact housing with door lock