epMotion P5073 and epMotion M5073 - Automated Pipetting Systems by Eppendorf

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epMotion P5073 and epMotion M5073 - Automated Pipetting Systems by Eppendorf product image
epMotion P5073 and epMotion M5073 - Automated Pipetting Systems
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The Eppendorf epMotion automated pipetting system family will be extended by two new members; the epMotion P5073 and epMotion M5073. While both are tailored for specific preparative applications, they both are also open platforms that simplify all routine pipetting tasks in your lab. Whether it is PCR set-up or preparation of nucleic acids purification or general liquid handling, the automation yields in reliable and reproducible results with more precision and safety than you ever experienced with manual pipetting.
The epMotion P5073 and M5073 have 6 SBS positions and new EasyCon control panel and PCR & Prep assistant software fulfills the highest expectations for ease of use, guiding the user stepwise through the process. The 4 PCR assistants are “Compose Mastermix”, “Normalize Concentrations”, “Create Dilution Series” and “Setup Reactions”, and are designed to streamline and automate the whole PCR set-up workflow. The Prep assistants guide through the few steps needed for nucleic acid preparation for 1 to 24 samples with the 3 new Eppendorf MagSep reagent kits developed for the epMotion 5073 that is equipped with a thermomixer and magnetic separation module. The ready to use reagents come in specific trays for 4 x 24 samples for genomic DNA from tissue, cells, bacteria and blood or viral DNA & RNA from cell free body fluids. Benefit from minimal hands-on time and get superior yield and purity versus manual or other automation methods by optimized chemistry and 3D-MagSep technology with the epMotion M5073 (typical ration A260/280 is 1.8 to 2.0) which guarantees reliable and reproducible results in various downstream applications, like genotyping, sequencing, rt-PCR other enzymetic or chemical reactions.

More flexibility and complexity for various liquid handling tasks can be programed by the established epBlue software that is installed on the EasyCon as well. Application specific accessories and two pipetting tools are included and the tools can now be exchanged automatically during the process. An optical sensor checks worktable loading for tips (type and number), labware type, and even liquid volumes in vessels increasing robustness of the methods. The new reuse tips feature can help to reduce tip consumption during wash steps. Both systems are available for the market with and without the Eppendorf CleanCap option, comprising of a UV lamp for decontamination and HEPA filter for clean air inside the epMotion.
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New epMotion M5073 and P5073
08 Nov 2012