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epMotion® 5070 and epMotion® 5075 Services
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epMotion® 5070/5075 Performance Plans

Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned service, designed to check your system and preserve its maximum- performance quality.

Preventive maintenance service for epMotion® 5070 and epMotion® 5075, performed by our dedicated, Eppendorf professionally trained service technicians, includes inspection, cleaning, lubricating, partial overhauls, calibration and any necessary adjustments according to system specifications.

Our Performance Plans consist of one or two audits per year and are tailored to address the different levels of demand.

Dispensing tools are precision devices. For this reason they should be regularly maintained and calibrated, which will help ensure their continuing high performance in precision and accuracy. Calibration of the dispensing tools can be performed according to ISO 8655 with NIST-traceable standards supporting GLP documentation.

Performance Plans Features:

* Eppendorf quality and integrity maintained
* Original Eppendorf spare parts used
* Certified calibration reports provided
* PREMIUM Plans include 1-year warranty extension
* Programs are clearly outlined with no hidden fees – makes choosing and budgeting for them easy

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:

* Consistent, reliable system operation
* Confidence in results
* Audited system for GLP compliance

For more information go to www.epMotion.com.

Performance Plans are available in selected countries only.