EpiTect Plus FFPE Bisulfite Kit by QIAGEN

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |   Model: 59144  |  Available Worldwide

EpiTect Plus FFPE Bisulfite Kit by QIAGEN product image
EpiTect Plus FFPE Bisulfite Kit

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EpiTect Plus Bisulfite Kits. For complete DNA bisulfite conversion from various starting materials, without prior DNA isolation.
Kit contents: 48 MinElute DNA spin columns, Bisulfite mix, DNA Protect Buffer, Carrier RNA, Buffers, Deparaffinization Solution, Lysis Buffer FTB. Benefits: Dedicated solutions for gDNA, blood, cells, tissues, and FFPE samples. Streamlined procedure combining sample lysis and bisulfite conversion. High-yield recovery of ready-to-use DNA in small elution volumes. Unique DNA Protect Technology to prevent DNA degradation. Minimal handling and rapid results
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