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Multiplex Chip-Based Detection of Biomolecules

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Multiplex Chip-Based Detection of Biomolecules — ePaTOX II

  • Rapid, specific and sensitive identification and quantification of diverse biomolecules
  • Multiplex analysis in human diagnostics, veterinary medicine, food quality control or environmental analysis
  • Fully automated electrical detection on microarrays
  • Safe plug & play operation using disposable Chipsticks
  • User-friendly control & analysis software

The ePaTOX II is a versatile instrument for highly sensitive, chip-based detection of biomolecules in a wide range of samples. Suitable for the use within laboratories, this device can also be implemented in on-field applications.The test principle is based on the simultaneous analysis of multiple
electrode positions underlying an array-based, electrical biochip. For detection to occur, the target molecules must bind to specific receptor molecules immobilized on the chip according to virtually any customized application.

Kits for ePaTOX II
The ePaTOX Kits offers extensive, group-specific detection options for diverse biomolecules including antibodies, proteins, DNA and RNA after appropriate nucleic acis extraction as well as cells or spores. One special feature is the high tolerance to a variety of different sample matrices such as: water, milk, starch, flour, juice, soil and aerosols.

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