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EP1 System

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Fluidigm introduces new Desktop End Point System for high-throughput SNP genotyping and digital PCR. The EP1 system combines the efficiencies of integrated fluidic circuit (IFC)-based genotyping in a desktop-sized configuration, with a very affordable system price.

The EP1 system, with Fluidigm Dynamic Arrays, provides superior data quality, a fast and easy workflow, and significant cost savings for SNP genotyping studies. The EP1 system delivers the highest quality SNP genotyping results on the market with better than 99 percent call rates and 99.75 percent or greater accuracy. All of this is achieved with an easy-to-use, high-throughput workflow that can provide up to 9,216 data points per IFC chip with results in just four hours. The EP1 system, which includes the IFC Controller, Stand Alone Thermal Cycler and End Point Reader, provides over 27,000 genotypes a day. By adding more IFC controllers and thermal cyclers to be used in conjunction with a single EP1 Reader, laboratories can generate more than 200,000 genotypes in a day.

The EP1 system can also perform digital PCR, such as for copy number variation analysis. Fluidigm is the only company today offering a commercially available digital PCR system. Using a Fluidigm Digital Array -- an IFC designed specifically for digital PCR -- the EP1 system provides the highest sensitivity and fastest workflow available for researchers studying copy number variation. The system can easily distinguish between four and five copies and provide results in just a few hours while requiring only minutes of hands-on time.