Entech 7150 - 7500 Headspace Pre-Concentrator and Large Volume Headspace Solution

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Rating: 3.7

"Software is easy to use and understand. However it has produced errors relating to CO2 flow."

Review date: 17 May 2012 | Entech 7150 - 7500 Headspace Pre-Concentrator and Large Volume Headspace Solution
If you are involved in the analysis of fragrances, aromas, off-odours and other volatile organic compounds you may well wish that you could target trace componants at the low ppb level. You may also want to work with larger samples, than the 10-20 ml samples that conventional headspace analysis permits.

The Entech 7150 Concentrator can be used to trap and focus headspace and air samples up to 1 litre in volume and to inject the whole of this concentrated sample onto the GC column. When combined with the 7500 Large Volume Headspace Autosampler large headspace samples (up to 500 ml) can be readily analysed, giving ultra low detection limits for volatile (and some semi-volatile) componants.

Compare this with the limitations imposed by having to work with samples of just a few grams, where what ever sampling technique is used (static headspace, SPME or dynamic headspace) the amount of analyte that can be transfed to the column is tiny by comparison.

The 7500 Autosampler can work with a very wide range of sample containers of many different shapes and sizes, so that whatever form your sample may take, there will be a container to suit. It can be also configured to work with pasivated canisters and Tedlar bags so that room sized studies can be undertaken - if the occasion demands.

This is brand new technology that is being successfully used by laboratories specialsing in leading edge analytical development.