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Ensemble for Chemistry
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Ensemble for Chemistry provides a complete, integrated suite of applications that manages chemical structures and their associated data and properties in an efficient and chemically intelligent way, enhancing chemists' productivity and enabling better decision-making.

Meeting Chemists' Informatics Needs
•   Chemists need tools that understand the chemistry behind the names, structures and reactions, so that compounds can be clearly identified and have the correct data associated with them
•   Chemists' drawing tools need to be efficient, easy-to-use, and generate high quality output for storage, publication, communication and sharing
•   Structures need to be stored securely so that they and their associated data can be retrieved using a variety of search, analysis and visualization tools for further manipulation and decision-making
•   Chemists work most efficiently when they have tools and content to support, design, record and share their experiments directly in their workflow
•   Organizations need to access and protect their intellectual property no matter how, where and by whom it is generated

Informatics Solutions for Chemists
Ensemble for Chemistry enables chemists to plan and record experiments, create structure-searchable databases of compounds and reactions, and locate, share and communicate their results. Ensemble for Chemistry provides industry-leading drawing tools with chemical intelligence integrated with workflow tools and chemical content to streamline data capture and to identify, label and track structures, samples and containers.

Enabling Better Chemistry
Ensemble for Chemistry helps businesses meet the challenges facing chemists by enabling them to:
•   Use ChemDraw to efficiently create and share chemically intelligent, publication ready structures and use the structures to generate names, explore 3D shapes, calculate properties and predict spectra with ChemOffice
•   Plan, execute and record experiments and create a secure searchable archive of intellectual property
•   Check the novelty of compounds and mixtures and assign unique identifiers to enable data linking and integration
•   Search for compounds and data with a variety of tools to facilitate structure-property correlation and decision-making.

Ensemble for Chemistry equips chemists with tools for personal productivity and enhanced decision-making while providing their organizations with enterprise-level secure storage and protection of chemical and associated intellectual property.