Enclosures for Flow Cytometry Systems by Bigneat Ltd

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Enclosures for Flow Cytometry Systems
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Enclosures with B2 type bio-safe conditions providing protection from hazardous aerosols and creating a sterile environment for sample/process protection.

LAFC enclosures provide down flow sterile air to the work surface preventing contaminants from entering the enclosure when in operation and ensuring protection of the contained samples/process.

Comfort and Convenience

Access to the enclosure interior during operation and be gained through the three lower sliding windows within the lower door (access 300mm high). Operator protection is provided by high velocity air (minimum 0.4m/s) passing into the enclosure through this lower door and side windows to provide operator protection from hazardous aerosols. This laboratory air flows in to the enclosure and into a profiled grille around the enclosure’s work surface.


• All round visibility of enclosed system
• Compact enclosure
• Ergonomic design and comfortable for user, with access to four sides of the robotic platform
• Facility for under bench wet cart for piqued supplies
• Tubing, cable and utilities ports and glands

Bigneat is highly flexible and we offer enclosure sizes and options to suit your flow cytometry system.