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Rating: 3.3

  • Application Area: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

"Bruker is a great company, and is considered by many to be the gold standard in instruments for magnetic resonance studies. I don't know that I would call this a great value since it would be possible to buy a modest house in many cities for the price of this instrument. It is, however, a great compromise between the very good, but less functional e-scan, and the more expensive EMX plus which might be a bit more than is needed for most labs. Bruker is a fairly large company, but I feel we have gotten personalized service. The user’s manual is a work in progress, but seems quite extensive. They do offer one week of training every other year or so, but I have not been able to take advantage of that due to expense. It is a quality instrument, so problems with break downs are (so far) very minor. As for ease of use, some background knowledge of EPR spectroscopy is very helpful. Without this knowledge, there is a fairly steep learning curve. "

Review date: 18 Feb 2014 | EMXmicro
With the EMXmicro, Bruker presents a new compact Continuous Wave Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectrometer (CW-EPR) with a footprint small as a tower PC and increased EPR performance in magnetic field and signal resolution.

The EMXmicro represents a new digital generation of CW-EPR spectrometers: It is a highly integrated digital spectrometer featuring field controller and signal processor with unsurpassed resolution and precision. Being a micro spectrometer, the EMXmicro frees lab space by integrating these devices plus an optional temperature controller in the footprint of a tower PC.

The EMXmicro represents an unparalleled performance-to-footprint ratio. The whole spectrometer electronics including the optional variable temperature unit (ER4141VT) comes in a tower-like console with a footprint as small as a tower PC. While the footprint decreased, the spectroscopic performance has been increased substantially in both magnetic field resolution and signal resolution.

EMXmicro Features:

  • 18 bit center field resolution, corresponding to a precision of <60 mG
  • 18 bit signal digitization
  • Up to 128,000 points for sweep axis
  • Full freedom in magnetic field sweep from 100 mG up to the maximum field
  • Independent of conversion time, large and small signals can be detected at once with one gain setting
  • Sequential detection of 1st and 2nd harmonic (or 0° and 90° modulation phase)
  • Sensitivity up to 1200:1 (International Weak-Pitch Protocol)
  • Easy upgrade to multifrequency CW-EPR from L-band to Q-band
  • Range of accessories and dedicated resonators

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EMXmicro by Bruker Daltonics product image


Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

3.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews