Emission Spectrometers-Arc/Spark Spectrometers by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Emission Spectrometers-Arc/Spark Spectrometers
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Spark OE spectrometer using CID (Charge Injection Device) for metals reasearch and inspection of incoming materials.

Using the latest solid-state detector technology, the OneSpark is the only instrument capable of meeting the increasing metals analysis challenges of R&D, incoming inspection, and independent testing laboratories. The ability for a manufacturer to qualify a vast variety of incoming material, and an R&D or testing facility to analyze any metal arriving at the laboratory, are becoming increasingly important. The number of alloys in use is rapidly growing, with the requirement to characterize these materials proving taxing for older equipment which rely on dedicated detectors for each element.

OneSpark incorporates Thermo's exclusive CID (Charge Injection Device), a single solid-state detector that replaces the photomultiplier tubes currently used in other spark instruments. The CID detector array simultaneously collects signals from all the elements present in the sample, permitting the analysis of any element in any alloy, on a single instrument.

The OneSpark offers both a powerful metals analyzer for today's requirements and the most flexible metals analyzer available for tomorrow's changing needs.