(disabled) EM VCT100 Vacuum Cryo Transfer System

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems

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The Leica EM VCT100 is a contamination-free cryo transfer system which cross-links preparation units with various analysis systems via a transfer shuttle connected to a load-lock.

Samples are transferred in a well-defined environment (e.g. protective gas or high vacuum conditions) from a preparation instrument to the analysis unit. In addition, the specimen can be kept at low temperature for cryo techniques. The load-lock can mount to any vacuum operated SEM, FIB, SIMS, AFM or XPS chamber.

Your Advantages:

Vacuum transfer
Special shuttle and load-lock design protects against vibration and overload and maintains resolution of the analysis instrument

Preparation units
The Leica EM VCT100 can be linked to many preparation units such as the EM SCD500, EM MED020 or the EM BAF060 for subsequent SEM, FIB, SIMS, AFM or XPS analysis, resulting in a contamination-free vacuum transfer from preparation begin to end

Special shuttle
Sample preparation and analysis can be performed independently without interruption of either process for either room or cryo samples

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(disabled) EM VCT100 Vacuum Cryo Transfer System

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems

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