eLINE® Electronic Pipettes

Manufacturer Sartorius Group

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The Sartorius eLINE® is an electronic pipette made to deliver years of real performance and total user convenience. It features a comprehensive range of pipetting modes and is twice as fast as a mechanical pipette!

The electronic Sartorius eLINE® pipette family has been providing high precision and comfort for years. This award-winning (ProFinnish Design 2001) device is the first electronic pipette designed to take care of its user. One eLINE® can be used for several liquid handling tasks from regular pipetting to diluting with mixing and automatic repetitive dispensing. The comprehensive range of pipetting modes in eLINE® reduces the need for several work stages and enables liquid dispensing significantly faster than with a mechanical pipette.Its DC-motor concept, with built-in error control, improves pipetting precision and allows reliable results.

eLINE® is available as single channel models, covering a volume range of 0.1 µl - 5 000 µl, and as multichannel models from 0.2 µl to 1200 µl.

eLINE® Electronic Pipettes Features:

  • Proven accuracy and precision with DC-motor concept
  • Fully electronic operations guarantee user-independent results and high ergonomics to prevent RSI
  • Comprehensive range of pipetting modes
  • Liquid dispensing from the air, without touching the vessel wall, with eLINE 0.1 - 5 µl model