Electrochemical Cell Designs for Coulochem® Detectors

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Coulometric Electrochemical Cells- The Key to Enhanced Selectivity

Coulochem cells are unique in their design, employing the patented ESA flow-through porous graphite electrode. These low-volume analytical cells contain two working electrodes. The high surface area of each electrode results in 100% reaction of the electroactive compound. The first (screening) electrode can be used to eliminate potentially interfering compounds from subsequent detection at the second (analytical) electrode.

  • Unparalleled selectivity – coulometric technology enables detection and analysis of compounds of interest in the presence of extraneous material that would interfere with detection by other electrochemical techniques.
  • Unmatched performance – flow-through electrode design provides complete high-efficiency oxidation for maximum sensitivity.
  • Minimal maintenance – robust graphite electrodes require little in the way of routine cleaning and regeneration procedures; solid-state reference electrode rarely needs maintenance