Educational Fume Cabinet (EDU) by Bigneat Ltd

Manufacturer Bigneat Ltd

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Educational Fume Cabinet (EDU)

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Bigneat recirculatory filtration fume cabinets and fume hoods are ideal for use in education and schools. Fume cabinets for use in teaching need to have excellent all round vision and remove a very wide variety of fumes.

Bigneat offer this cabinet design knowing that the features and use of the very latest Chemcap™ filtration make it the SAFEST on the market and the best too for pupils and staff who need an excellent view of experimental work.

  • Meet the world’s most stringent standards: Both AFNOR NF X 15-211 Class II and BS 7989:2001
  • Specification exceeds the requirements of Design Note 29 and Building Bulletin 88, governing the use of fume cabinets in schools
  • Multipurpose educational Chemcap™ filters provide excellent filtration efficiencies in excess of 99.9%
  • No deterioration of filter performance for the duration of the filter life
  • Levels of toxic species in recirculated air are well within the recommended occupational exposure limit for pollutant gases having a molecular weight equal to or greater than 30

Key Feature
Fully Mobile - Because Bigneat cabinets use recirculatory filtration to remove fumes there is no ductwork and it can be moved from one classroom to another.

The unit can be positioned in the best position within the classroom and the teachers demonstration viewed from all four sides.