EDS X-ray Detectors by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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EDS X-ray Detectors
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EDS X-ray Detectors - Thermo Fisher Scientific offer several detectors for X-ray microanalysis applications, including No-LN configurations and new Silicon Drift detector technology for high-throughput applications. The highest resolution possible is always guaranteed on your column configuration.

No single component of an X-ray microanalysis system is as critical to performance and accuracy as the X-ray detector. For more than thirty five years Thermo Fisher Scientific has pioneered the development and manufacture of high-resolution X-ray detection solutions for electron microscopy. We offer a range of X-ray detector options to fit your specific sampling needs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides detectors for all currently available electron column instruments with custom-designed mechanical interfaces to assure vacuum integrity and optimum collection efficiency. Unlike manufacturers that adapt a few designs to fit a specific column, Thermo Fisher Scientific has detector designs to correctly interface to any SEM, LVSEM, FESEM, TEM, STEM, Probe, DRT, Dual Column FIB or Auger.

Combined with next generation X-ray microanalysis systems for traditional EDS and Spectral Imaging-based analysis, we provide complete high-resolution, high-throughput solutions, from routine analysis to advanced research applications.