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"Very nice equipment, good for incubation in the summer."

Review date: 03 Nov 2011 | Ecotron
The Ecotron is designed as an initial model for those wanting quality, performance and excellent value for money. Use of innovative materials, techniques and design has allowed Swiss engineering to meet the everyday needs of temperature-controlled shaking in the modern laboratory.

The innovative “penta-drive” balances the load dynamically and allows smooth, quiet operation even at higher speeds. The speed control is precise and covers a range up to 500 rpm. Good thermal insulation ensures the shaker will keep a good, even temperature distribution in the most critical area of the incubation chamber – where the flasks/tubes/plates etc. are!

The large, bright LED’s on the splashproof operating panel show both parameters simultaneously, along with key information about the status of the Ecotron. Of course, automatic stopping and re-start depending on whether the door is opened or closed is standard.

The ingenious folding door allows good access but does away with common problem of a number of other incubator shakers – the need to lift up a lid to get at your flasks. This is important as it allows the Ecotron to be located on or under a laboratory bench while ensuring easy access to the cultures. Spillages are contained in a special insert in the base and draining of the liquid is possible without dis-assembly.

The Ecotron is available in two models, with or without cooling. The shaking table has threaded holes to accept accessories such as flasks, test tubes and microtitre plates from our standard range. As an option a tray with adhesive matting is available. A box for microtitre plates can be mounted onto the tray - either with screws or adhesive matting.