Eclipse Plus C8

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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Analysis of pigments in microalgae biomass

"I found the column Eclipse Plus C8 very useful and reliable for analysis of pigments including carotenoids and chlorophylls .I developed a new method and established it in the lab. "

Review date: 16 Jan 2015 | Eclipse Plus C8
600 bar; superficially porous, 2.7 µm particle6; available in 2.1 - 4.6 mm id;  30 - 150 mm lengths. ZORBAX Eclipse Plus columns feature improved silica, special bonding and optimized endcapping that combine to deliver exceptional peak shapes for a wide range of analytes.  Agilent's Poroshell 120 columns have a solid 1.7 µm core and a porous .5 µm outer layer, for a total 2.7 µm particle that delivers high resolution and high speed separations with up to 50% less backpressure than sub-2 µm column. Stable to 600 bar, use Poroshell 120 to push every HPLC and UHPLC analysis further.  Eclipse Plus phases are available in 1.8 µm columns and superficially porous Poroshell 120.   Start with ZORBAX Eclipse Plus for method development!