Echo® 525 Liquid Handler by Labcyte Inc.

Manufacturer Labcyte Inc.

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Echo® 525 Liquid Handler
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The Echo 525 platform, like the other Echo liquid handler models, is designed to use sound energy to transfer reagents. Unlike the other Echo models, the Echo 525 platform transfers at a larger volume increment (25 nL). This enables the more rapid transfer of aqueous reagents required in biochemical and genomics assays setup.

The benefits of acoustic transfer are enabled at volumes to allow full assay assembly at volumes that are typical of medium and high-throughput screening assays:

  • Elimination of the need for calibration through Dynamic Fluid Analysis™ technology, a patented Labcyte process
  • Elimination of cross-contamination, carryover or leachates
  • Tipless transfer, resulting in dramatic cost savings
  • Greatly simplified assay development and dilution processes through the flexibility to transfer any volume of liquid from any well to any other well
  • Accurate, precise movement of nanoliter-scale quantities, enabling assay miniaturization and further reducing costs

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