easyPunch STARlet - Automated Sample Punching and Processing

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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For DMPK sample card punching and pipetting.

The easyPunch STARlet consists of a STARlet Autoload liquid handling workstation comprising 4 ndependent 1 ml channels, a card and plate gripper and the punch module.  computer with Hamilton enus software and 4 specific predefined methods is included as well.

The system can be used for a variety of different applications e. g. forensic reference databasing, MPK and toxicology studies in a pre-clinical and clinical environment, newborn screening and olecular diagnostics. easyPunch has been developed in collaboration with GE Healthcare Life Sciences.


  • Automated sample card punching and downstream sample processing in one device
  • 4 predefined method types included in delivery
    - HID: method for card punching and PCR setup using direct amplification kits
    - DMPK: DMPK method setup for card punching and subsequent addition of extraction reagent
    - Inventory: Method automatically inventories incoming cards.
    - Cherry pick cards: Cherry picking function to pick specific cards according to an imported work list
  • Deck resources can be customized to fit a wide variety of different applications
  • Input and output file can be tailored for downstream systems and LIMS* integration


  • Only system that combines sample card punching with downstream liquid handling on one instrument
  • Exceptional sample recognition enables impartial quality of sample analysis and punching due to exclusion of operator bias
  • Process safety due to sample tracking on cards and target plates and other resources; monitoring of all process steps
  • Seamless integration of different workflows by using predefined methods

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easyPunch STARlet - Automated Sample Punching and Processing

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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