EasyCyte Plus System by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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EasyCyte Plus System
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Guava's cell and bead-based assays are designed to make the most critical cellular assays accessible to life science researchers everywhere.

Guava assays minimize training time and lab time by simplifying assays without sacrificing data quality, so scientists can get their answers more quickly. Designed to immediately accelerate research, Guava assays are modular and can easily be added to the Guava systems as needed.

Assays available for the EasyCyte™ Plus include:

   - Direct, absolute cell counts and viability
   - User-defined multi-color assays
   - Cell cycle
   - Cytotoxicity
   - Cell proliferation
   - Cell painting

   - Annexin V binding
   - Pan Caspase
   - Caspases 3/7 and Caspase 8
   - TUNEL
   - Mitochondrial membrane potential

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