Easy-A One-Tube RT-PCR Kit by Agilent Technologies

Easy-A One-Tube RT-PCR Kit by Agilent Technologies product image
Easy-A One-Tube RT-PCR Kit
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The Easy-A One-Tube RT-PCR System offers high efficiency TA/UA cloning with high fidelity in a one-tube RT-PCR format. The simple format includes 1st strand cDNA synthesis reagents and Easy-A PCR cloning enzyme, which has equivalent fidelity to Pfu and PfuTurbo DNA polymerases, for amplification.

  •  Convenient one-tube system minimizes contamination
  •  Highly optimized single buffer for both RT and PCR steps maximizes performance
  •  Includes Easy-A„_ High Fidelity PCR cloning enzyme for accurate amplification of cDNA with A-overhangs for easy TA/UA cloning
  •  Robust amplification of targets up to 5 kb
  •  One tube system makes multiple reaction set up fast and easy

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