E-Z Ex-traction® Microtubes

Manufacturer WHEATON

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E-Z Ex-Traction Glass MicroTubes are precision engineered and manufactured to have tight tolerances to reduce the chance of failure in automated sample handling and storage systems in compound or biological sample applications.  The barcodes on tubes are 100% readable and never duplicated ensuring perfect data management. 

The patented design allows;

• each tube to be 2D bar coded; offered with or without permanent 2D barcodes.
• prevention of any loss of material that might get trapped in irregular surfaces and corners. 
• greater recovery of the sample by automated systems without concern for vial and needle damage. 
• better sealing of the stopper. 
• protection when using DMSO and other harsh chemicals.

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E-Z Ex-traction® Microtubes

Manufacturer WHEATON

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