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E-WorkBook is driving the revolution in laboratory notebooks and experimental data.

The ability to share, search and query experimental data in real time, control access and issue task requests to other team members, allows E-WorkBook™ to offer an organization the opportunity to drive the research process with improved efficiency and enhanced security.

Life science organizations invest considerable time and money on protecting IP. Providing a fully searchable repository of electronically-signed knowledge that an organization’s legal department can rapidly access enables faster and more efficient IP protection and exploitation. Drawing on unrivalled ‘real world’ experience of both R&D science and discovery data management, E-WorkBook captures corporate knowledge in a searchable, traceable electronic repository that is validated against 21 CFR part 11 and compilant ready.

E-WorkBook provides:

• A single research data portal
• An easy to use, secure environment that accepts data input from any source
• Access to data and knowledge across an organization, irrespective of location
• An efficient experiment report-writing tool
• A powerful and versatile search engine
• Painless implementation of SOP, QA and QC procedures