E-Gel® SizeSelectTM Gels by Thermo Fisher Scientific Invitrogen

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E-Gel® SizeSelectTM Gels

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The E-Gel® SizeSelect™ gels allow users to separate and recover DNA for short read fragment library construction in just 15 minutes. That's 10 times faster than using conventional gels, and purification kits. E-Gel® SizeSelect™ gels are offered in a 2% agarose concentration, and validated for the recovery of fragments in the 150-200bp size range. Once the DNA is recovered, no additional purification step is required before proceeding to the next step in library construction. E-Gel® SizeSelect™ system has been used successfully in generating library construction.

E-Gel® SizeSelect™ gels are the smartest way to gel-purify DNA fragments <1Kb in size for downstream cloning reactions. Purified DNA can be used directly in any cloning reaction without the need for additional purification kits. The proprietary stain incorporated in the E-Gel® SizeSelect™ gels is five times more sensitive than ethidium bromide, allowing maximal retrieval of DNA bands.

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