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E-Gel® Go!

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The E-Gel® Go!™ System is the newest member of the E-Gel® product family of precast agarose gel electrophoresis tools. The cornerstone of the E-Gel® Go!™ System is the compact yet complete E-Gel® Go!™ Base. The E-Gel® Go!™ Base is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but acts as a power supply to run E-Gel® Go!™ precast gel cassettes as well as a transilluminator to visualize band migration in real time with a push of a button. In addition, with the optional E-Gel® Go!™ Battery Pack, you can conduct electrophoresis away from the bench.
  • Ultrasensitive—detection down to 1.5 ng/band of DNA
  • Integrated—built-in transilluminator and power supply to enable real-time electrophoresis
  • Fast—complete separation, typically in just 15 min
  • Convenient—ready-to-use cassettes precast with agarose, electrodes, and in-gel stain