DyNAmo™ Probe 2-step qRT-PCR Kit

Manufacturer Finnzymes Oy

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DyNAmo™ Probe 2-Step qRT-PCR Kit enables reproducible detection and quantification of RNA with great sensitivity and specificity. The kit includes all the necessary reagents for cDNA synthesis and following qPCR. Only template RNA, PCR primers and probe need to be added by the user. The reverse transcriptase in the kit is M-MuLV RNase H+, which provides higher sensitivity to qPCR than RNase H- reverse transcriptases. The performance of the qPCR step is based on the efficient hot start Thermus brockianus DNA polymerase. DyNAmo Probe 2-step qRT-PCR Kit is compatible with all block-based and capillary-based real-time qPCR instruments.