DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit

Manufacturer Finnzymes Oy

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Finnzymes' DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit allows enhanced performance for probe-based qPCR. Optimized reagents and extremely short cycling times deliver maximum speed thus increasing sample throughput.

Significant time savings are achieved with both conventional and fast real-time PCR instruments. DyNAmo Flash Probe qPCR Kit is optimized for hydrolysis probes (e.g., TaqMan probes) and it can be used with both block- and capillary-based real-time PCR instruments.


* Extremely fast protocols: combined annealing and extension step of only 15 s
* Specific and sensitive detection of a wide range of template concentrations
* Included dUTP allows the use of UNG for prevention of carry-over contamination
* Convenient 2x master mix and optimized protocols
* Validated with all major real-time PCR instruments
* Licenced for qPCR

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DyNAmo™ Flash Probe qPCR Kit

Manufacturer Finnzymes Oy

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