DyNAmo™ cDNA Synthesis Kit by Finnzymes Oy

Manufacturer Finnzymes Oy

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DyNAmo™ cDNA Synthesis Kit
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The DyNAmo™ cDNA Synthesis Kit is intended for cDNA synthesis for two-step quantitative reverse transcription-PCR (qRT-PCR) applications. This kit can be used in conjunction with Finnzymes' DyNAmo qPCR Kits or with any other qPCR kit suitable for the application.

The DyNAmo cDNA Synthesis Kit includes all necessary reagents for cDNA synthesis to be used in qPCR. Either total RNA, messenger RNA, viral RNA or in vitro transcribed RNA can be used as a template for reverse transcription. The kit includes both random primers and oligo(dT) primers. The user can choose either of these or alternatively use gene-specific primers.The reverse transcriptase in the kit is M-MuLV RNase H+, which provides higher sensitivity to qPCR than RNase H- reverse transcriptases.

• Broad dynamic range: up to 1 µg of RNA
• Reliable results from different RNA sources: mRNA, total RNA, viral RNA and in vitro transcribed RNA
• Easy to use - Short and simple protocol, 2x master mixes
• Flexible - All priming options for cDNA synthesis

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DyNAmo™ cDNA Synthesis Kit by Finnzymes Oy product image