Dye Terminator Removal Kit by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Dye Terminator Removal Kit
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The Thermo Scientific Dye Terminator Removal Kit is designed to perform the essential removal of unbound fluorescently-labelled dideoxy-ribonucleotides (ddNTPs) and excess salt from sequencing reactions prior to sequence analysis. The kit includes a 96-well plate containing pre-hydrated gel separation matrix consisting of spheres with uniformly sized pores. Sequencing reactions are passed through the separation matrix, which retains the shorter ddNTPs dye terminators, while larger PCR products are recovered in the filtrate after centrifugation. Samples are collected in a ABgene 96-well Skirted PCR Plate, which is compatible with sequence detection instruments, such as the MegaBACE™.
The procedure is very fast and can be completed in just 15 minutes.

• Ready-to-use microplate format
• Complete removal of ‘dye blobs’ from the sequencing results
• 4 x 96 preps can be completed in 15 minutes
• No pre-hydration necessary
• Heat sealed to prevent leakage and gel drying