DryDisk Separation Membrane - 50 mL Disposable Barrel

Manufacturer Horizon Technology, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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The new DryDisk Separation Membrane 50 mL Barrel is a disposable sample preparation device that provides a fast and simple approach for removing residual water from non-polar solvents. The DryDisk membrane replaces the conventional sodium sulfate drying technique. The barrel is made from high purity HDPE (high density polyethylene) and has a PTFE membrane embedded inside. The membrane is supported by an inert polymeric laminate for maximum mechanical integrity.

DryDisk Benefits:
•  DryDisk integrated with the barrel, no assembly required
•  Simply place the barrel in the manifold, add the sample and run
•  Removes residual water from smaller volume, non-polar solvent extracts
•  Replaces conventional sodium sulfate drying
•  Compatible with 3rd party SPE vacuum manifolds
•  Discard the barrel after use, no messy clean-up

The DryDisk Separation Membrane 50 mL Barrel offers the maximum in speed and convenience for drying smaller volume extracts as there is no assembly required. The DryDisk Separation Membrane 50 mL Barrel is useful for removing water from methylene chloride extracts, methylene chloride/acetone mixtures, alkane based solvents, toluene and ethyl acetate. DryDisk Separation Membrane 50 mL Barrel is not designed to remove water from polar solvents such as acetone, methanol, or acetonitrile. The DryDisk Separation Membrane 50 mL Barrel may be used with the DryVapConcentrator System, or with 3rd Party SPE Manifolds.

•  Works on emulsions
•  Less lab waste and no oven drying