Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers

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These Positive Displacement Microdispensers consist of a plunger that fits tightly into the inside bore of a precision glass or plastic capillary. Pressing the microdispenser's thumb button pushes the plunger down the capillary, expelling any fluid/sample. During the downstroke, the plunger's tip slides along the inside of the capillary pushing out fluid residues that normally adhere there. Then at the bottom of the stroke, the tip extends slightly beyond the capillary end, assuring full sample delivery.

■ Adjustable, direct reading plunger sets volume

■ Delivery scale engraved on plunger shaft

■ Fractional deliveries possible

■ Accuracy and precision ≤ 1% at nominal volume

■ Suitable for pipetting solvents

■ Calibrated glass capillaries with stainless steel or Teflon® plunger

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Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers

Manufacturer Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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